Translating or: How to steer elegantly around cliffs

Translators are constantly travelling: Each project is a unique adventure leading into new worlds ready to be explored. I love this work because it is so exciting and demanding. The challenge is to transfer the foreign-language text of another author into my own native language, and in doing so to remain as true to the original as possible whilst bearing the target audience in mind. This, often very complex, navigation requires many skills. Not only bilingual proficiency, accuracy and a sense of style, but also curiosity, creativity, judgment, promptness, flexibility, determination and the willingness to take risks. Such strengths enable me to add value for my customers. As one client recently put it: „You manage to steer elegantly around each cliff.“ Languages are the oceans on which we translators sail. Like sailing, translation is an art that requires training and practice. When it comes to quality, experience makes all the difference.

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James Clarke Hook - Bringing the boat ashore